We build custom technology that makes businesses run better

Some clients don't know exactly what they need. Others have half-done projects they need rescued or speed up. Our tech expertise is wide, so we can jump in at any project stage – whether you need us to handle the full project lifecycle or pick up an existing project and make it fly.

How we work

We don’t just “follow” agile methodologies – we have an agile mindset. Our team thinks flexibly, adapts quickly and delivers continuously. You get the undivided attention of a hand-picked team with the right mix of creativity, tech expertise and business know-how. Here’s what we walk you through:


Every good strategy starts with questions. What do you want to see happen in your business? What would be the ideal outcome of this project? We dig down into everything that might shape the solution – your user needs, processes existing systems, requirements – even your doubts or concerns. We define the scope and make sure the whys and hows are clear so we know we are building the right thing.

Idea Generation

We can turn problems into viable products and fuzzy ideas into tech-feasbile solutions.

User Flow Definition

Let us map out your user flow and test it on every imaginable case so it's sure to be a winner.

Product Roadmapping

Ideas turn into prioritized feature lists with clear technical architecture mapped out.

Product Design

We do UI design in iterations to validate the feature set without wasting any time or money. Our designs are fresh and enjoyable to use, and our process is interactive. We make sure that we design exactly what you had in mind. You get to check out wireframes and test drive prototypes so we can fine-tune before we code. Need a branded experience? We can use your style guide (or even build you one).

UX/UI Design

Clean and functional user interface designs that take into account the overall user experience.

Interactive Prototypes

Your idea comes to life in a prototype that your audience can test drive before we write a single line of code.

Design Systems

We can make sure all your applications have the same look and feel by creating a standardized UI design systems and implementing it as a React component library.


Everything starts synching once you are happy with the prototype. Design gets form and function as our developers build out clean, scalable code. We work iteratively, in short, agile sprints with clear milestones and deliverables, so there’s plenty of room for flexibility and feedback. We do code reviews and automated testing – and let you use the product in a testing environment to make sure it performs superbly before it gets deployed to production.

Web & Mobile Development

We determine which platform best suits your needs. Whether it’s a web app, a progressive web apps (PWA) or a mobile app, we’ve got you covered.

Integrations & Backend Development

You can have us extend your existing ERP or CRM to get a competitive edge, or integrate your system with third party tools.

MVP Development

Let us help you build your minimal viable product, whether it’s to launch your startup or explore new business opportunities in your existing business.


Deployment requires tremendous focus and care, but it’s always exciting to watch users interact with the final product for the first time. We deploy either in the cloud or on your servers and carefully monitor both technical performance and user interaction. We engage application performance monitoring to get the data we need to make sure the system stays up and humming.

Deployment Automation

We automate and fine-tune your continuous Integrations and delivery (CI/CD) process with Azure DevOps and Azure Pipelines.

App Store Deployment Automation

Let us streamline your manual mobile app build and submit the process to Google Play and Apple App stores using AppCenter.


Careful monitoring of applications is crucial to success. We do this part right to detect errors before your users do.


Since software is a living system, we proactively monitor the products we build over time. We also help modernize existing applications. Our clients are long term partners – we stay in touch to help you keep up with emerging technologies, respond to market changes, and keep your business agile and efficient.

Software Modernization

If your application has performance problems and slow development timelines, we can speed up the modernization process.

Rescue Mission

Got a tight deadline to meet? Or has something thrown your timeline off? We can jump in fast with a lot of different skills. No task is too complex.

Cloud Migration

We can move your current applications from on-premise to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, reducing your infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership.


We love to test new tools and frameworks – and sometimes we add new ones to our tech stack – but these are the tried and tested tools we rely on to deliver guaranteed quality software:

C# .NET Core
Microsoft Azure
Azure DevOps
Azure Pipelines
Elastic Stack
React Native
Let’s talk about how we can use digital to transform your business.