PCR and laboratory workflow automation

Lablyze is a SaaS-product that automates PCR workflow and result interpretation in molecular diagnostic laboratories.




Medical Laboratory


UI/UX Design, Development, Support, Project management


ReactJs, ASP.NET, Azure SQL Server, Azure Cloud

qPCR amplification curve validation
screenshot of the lablyze software

The problem

Even today, many clinical laboratories are characterized by a lack of automation and standardization in their PCR workflows. Lab technicians analyze curves manually, using Excel files and paper sheets, and manually transfer information between different systems.

Lablyze automates and standardizes processes in the PCR laboratory. Originally devised to digitize and accelerate routine RT-PCR workflows, it was gradually adapted to also handle an increasing number of COVID-19 PCR tests during pandemic outbreak.

peak into the lablyze app
peak into the lablyze app

How we helped 

Valudio developed Lablyze, a software as a service (SaaS) product for the standardization and automation of the PCR workflow. Lablyze speeds up the interpretation of results and improves their quality. 

We were able to create a very complete and user-friendly piece of middleware that suited the needs of all users. Lablyze serves as a unique interface for the integration and tracking of the entire PCR workflow in a laboratory, regardless of the thermocycler models or detection kits used.

The middleware makes use of a trained and parametrized algorithm that reads the PCR files, interprets the curves and suggests a result for each.

Tech stack

  • Web application using ReactJs
  • ASP.NET Core backend
  • Azure SQL Server
  • Azure Cloud
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