Passenger platform that lets passengers order buses on demand to decrease the cost of operating bus lines.






UI/UX Design, Development, Support, Project management


React, React Native

The problem

Pildo is a leading engineering company specializing in the delivery of cutting-edge technology and services within the aeronautics and aerospace sectors and was seeking to open a new business vertical in the mobility space. The idea was to modernize and optimize public transport offerings in a peripheral area where buses often ran with no passengers. 

How the solution was defined

PildoLabs needed a technological partner to help implement this initiative. In a joint event storming workshop, we worked with them to brainstorm the entire passenger journey and achieve a common understanding of the requirements of a working bus-on-demand platform. It was not only the views of the passengers that had to be taken into account, but those of the operators and drivers too.
After a few meetings, we had a clear scope for a first passenger app version that effectively represented the platform that PildoLabs was expecting.

How we helped

As part of the European Union Galileo Project, we built a pilot project for a specific AMB (Área Metropolitan de Barcelona) bus line. Our work on the UI/UX and development of the web and mobile platforms gave rise to a new product: Nemi. 
Nemi allowed AMB passengers to order a bus on demand from specific stations, to book future journeys and to check real-time bus locations. This improved customer experience and optimized the efficiency of the service, leading to shorter journeys and a decrease in bus line operating costs.

Tech stack

  • Mobile app for IOS and Android using React Native
  • Web application using React
  • Code sharing between web and application due to the use of React and React Native. 
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