Mobile e-learning app

Minimum viable product development for Lingoda's language learning platform.






UI/UX Design, Mobile Development


React Native, TypeScript, AppCenter

e-learning ios app screenshot
screenshot of lingoda mobile app

The problem

Lingoda is a German startup that connects language students with teachers by booking group sessions covering around 400 different topics from their curricula in order to improve their language skills. They wanted to improve the mobile experience for its students and create an app for face-to-face classes or interactions between teachers and students. Most of Lingoda’s competitors had already released a mobile app. Before long, Lingoda began receiving requests from students regarding support for classes on tablets and mobile devices. This would allow students to take classes when travelling.

The process 

Valudio met virtually with the Lingoda team to better understand their needs, their issues, and their use case. The main challenge was to reuse existing code, written in Typescript, for the web platform. Using React Native for the mobile app made it possible to do so and avoided duplicating the business logic and services in the web and the mobile application.

peak into the lingoda app
software development for lingoda

The outcome

Lingoda’s mobile platform is currently being rolled out. Lingoda is confident that Valudio's excellent work ― together with Lingoda’s learning dynamics and knowledge of its teachers — will contribute to improving the language skills of counterless users.

Tech stack

  • React Native
  • AppCenter
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