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Our mobile app for iOS and Android improves Disposan's B2B ordering system and its' customer experience.




Pharma Wholesale


UI/UX Design, Development, Support, Project management


React Native, ASP.NET Core

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Disposan mobile app

The problem

Disposan is a pharma wholesale company that supplies a complete range of medicines and equipment for the medical sector. They wanted to improve the customer order experience and reduce the amount of time employees spent taking orders via telephone or fax. 
To place an order, doctors had the choice of calling, sending a fax, or scanning the medical product in question using old physical devices (barcode scanners). These barcode scanners had several problems: they needed to be connected to a computer, were usually expensive and sometimes failed to work reliably. In addition, they were sometimes not compatible with the operating systems on doctors’ computers.
On top of all this, employees had to enter orders into the ERP manually, rendering the entire ordering process cumbersome and prone to errors.

disposan mobile app screenshots
disposan mobile app

How the solution was defined

Following an analysis of the current situation, we focused on maximizing improvements to the overall customer experience. Based on our expertise, we proposed the development of a mobile app as the best solution. Following delivery of the first version, Disposan hand-picked a group of customers to test the solution. After a successful trial, the solution was made available for all customers.

How we helped

We developed a mobile order entry application for IOs/Android and integrated it directly with Disposan’s ERP. This allowed doctors to place orders much more quickly, since they could now scan the products with their smartphones and no longer needed to be connected to a computer. In addition, doctors could search for new products in the catalogue or place recurring orders.

Tech stack

  • Mobile app for IOS and Android using React Native
  • ASP.NET Core Backend
  • ERP integration
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