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Angular, ASP.NET Core, Mongo, Docker, Azure Pipelines

Hitachi brandcenter landing page
hitachi brandcenter app screenshot

The problem

Hitachi oversees the work of hundreds of external and internal teams creating digital work and collaterals such as banners, landing pages, micro sites or apps. All of them are required to follow Hitachi brand guidelines in relation to colours, fonts, logos, etc.

In the past, each time one of these projects was to be carried out, Hitachi's marketing department received requests for all of the elements required. These materials were sent by email along with a PDF document containing the brand guidelines.

Hitachi also had to ensure uniformity between all advertising campaigns in a given country, which meant that the marketing team spent hours correcting the work submitted by creative teams until it met the required standards. 

The process

Hitachi wanted to build a platform where advertising agency partners could find guidelines, assets, and all the information related to the brand which they would use in their design and development projects.

hitachi app brandcenter screenshot
web development software for Hitachi

The outcome

Valudio built a platform able to host all the required information and that includes a CMS that enables the marketing team to upload new materials or edit existing ones without the involvement of the IT team.  Hitachi’s brand universe is available to any partner or agency in need of information and resources. 

The platform includes a sign-up process for each external provider in which their company data and invoice information is entered. This allows Hitachi to maintain better visibility over projects and expenses. 

The platform also incorporates an approval workflow that notifies the person in charge about project milestones, thus speeding up the campaign approval process.

Tech stack

  • Web application using Angular
  • ASP.NET Core backend
  • MongoDB
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