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Ensure more efficient cloud-based services, faster time-to-market and scalable workflows with our frictionless DevOps as a service offering.

What is DevOps? And more importantly, why do you need it?

Ready to launch a new app or software solution? That’s where DevOps comes in.
Because implementing software solutions and optimizations shouldn't cost you weeks of work—or worse; downtime. Instead, we recommend setting up reliable systems and cost-efficient cloud infrastructure services configured by specialists who will keep you ahead of the game. Working with us, a professional DevOps company based in Switzerland and Spain, will get you the most out of cloud services. You can concentrate fully on product innovations and leave their deployment to us!

With an end-to-end delivery pipeline, you opt for automated workflows and simplified IT infrastructure that accelerates development processes. This ultimately ensures software quality—all thanks to the right DevOps tools delivering continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines that automatically update your software.

Valudio has gained a lot of DevOps expertise over the years. We always make a point to continuously improve our DevOps processes and share our know-how with our clients.

Mischa Herbrand

Managing Director of Valudio

What are the benefits DevOps brings to the way a company works?


Faster time-to-market and response time 

DevOps makes it possible to innovate software faster and deliver updates more frequently. This helps to reduce time-to-market and increase the speed of releases, thus making you more competitive. DevOps is the solution you need to respond promptly to fast-paced markets, new customer needs and deliver innovative features without losing time—as you would with manual deployments.


Enhanced quality 

DevOps relies on automated execution of developed units, integration and end-to-end testing to ensure that software is of the highest quality. This enables meticulous quality control. As such, problems can be identified and fixed more quickly.


Increased efficiency 

DevOps solution companies like Valudio use tools and technologies to accelerate development processes, improve collaboration between teams and provide all-round performance improvements. You can use DevOps technologies to automate build and deployment processes, and configure and manage cloud services or on-premise infrastructure.

"Valudio makes container-based deployments possible with the open-source software platform Docker. This containerization of existing applications standardizes the configuration of the application environment. All you need is the Docker Engine on the target server, and you will no longer lose time through repeated configuration work."

Mischa Herbrand

Managing Director of Valudio


Improved security and monitoring 

With the elimination of manual work, errors can be detected and analyzed at an early stage thanks to automated processes, continuous integration and the establishment of centralized application performance monitoring and logging systems with easy log file access. Application performance management (APM) is a DevOps technique used to monitor and optimize the performance of applications. Centralized logging allows DevOps teams to identify and resolve problems in real time. It also enables performance monitoring for applications and systems over longer periods of time, helping to identify relevant trends and patterns. In the event of performance or security issues, DevOps specialists can use APM tools and log analytics to quickly identify the root cause and address the problem. With experienced DevOps service management in place, the risk of failure is minimized, resilience is increased, and you benefit from stable operating conditions.

Money bag

Cost-efficient services 

Outsourcing DevOps or opting for DevOps as a service means you can capitalize on top-notch process automation and scalable cloud solutions that are easy on the wallet. With reduced troubleshooting and maintenance costs, you’ll enjoy lower overall project costs.

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What we offer as a DevOps agency

Our DevOps as a service models are tailored to the individual needs of our clients and can include the following:

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines

Experience seamless software delivery with our automated CI/CD pipelines, giving you confidence in every release.

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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions

Stay ahead of performance issues and application failures with our proactive APM solutions, keeping your users satisfied.

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Log management and analytics

Accelerate issue resolution with our centralized log server, streamlining log management for all your applications.

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Cloud migration services

Effortlessly transition to the cloud with our expert migration services, unlocking scalability and cost savings.

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Software deployments using DevOps practices

Revolutionize your SDLC with our DevOps-driven deployment practices, ensuring smooth and efficient software releases.

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DevOps discovery

Uncover opportunities for optimization with our comprehensive DevOps audits, covering delivery processes, monitoring, and infrastructure.

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DevOps consulting

Empower your organization with expert advice on scalable DevOps solutions and strategic autoscaling initiatives.

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Creation of a DevOps roadmap

Achieve DevOps mastery with a tailored roadmap, outlining clear goals, milestones, timeframes, and risk assessments.

Intrigued by DevOps as a service?

If you are looking for a DevOps services company and don't already have your software solution developed and deployed by us, we are happy to support you in adapting DevOps managed services. You can choose from two collaboration models.

Project-based cooperation

Are you working on a project where you need one-off help?

Ongoing monthly support

Do you need regular DevOps support? 

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DevOps tools and cloud-native technologies we count on


  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Linux
  • Windows Server
  • Nginx
  • Docker
  • IIS

Process automation

  • Powershell
  • Bash Scripting
  • Azure Pipelines
  • AppCenter

Application performance monitoring

  • ELK Stack
  • Grafana
Tech stack
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