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A centralized communication software to improve and scale Labor Team's customer service.


Labor Team


Medical Laboratory


UI/UX Design, Development, Support, Project management


ElectronJS, Angular, ASP.NET Core, SQL Server, Oracle, React Native, TAPI, Kibana

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The problem

Labor team is a fast-growing private medical laboratory based in Switzerland. The group’s operations were growing rapidly and the customer service department had begun to receive an increasing number of customer queries in 3 different languages.

The tools they were using for their day-to-day activities were not able to be integrated. This forced the team to spend a lot of time switching between platforms or searching for data about a caller while the call was ongoing.

Requirements of the solution

Labor team needed a platform that was seamlessly integrated with each of their tools and provided a 360-degree view of past communications with every customer. It needed to be able to retrieve relevant information from each system and consolidate it in a unique interface that the team could use to answer the queries.

In addition, it was critical that this new platform could be launched  without impeding the team’s daily work.

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How we helped

Valudio built a minimum viable product (MVP) that displayed all relevant information in a pop-up the moment a call was received by retrieving data from Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM), the LIS and various other data sources. After successful delivery of the MVP, Valudio created a timeline for full delivery of the new interface and met with labor team every two weeks to present new functionalities and gather feedback from the teams. 

The outcome

The final product allows the employees to retrieve caller information and contact history in real time for each call. In addition, it enables internal call redirections and previous customer interactions to be retraced. The interface also incorporates a powerful dashboard displaying real-time information about individual staff members, including whether they are on the phone or in a meeting. Finally, daily reports with relevant customer service KPIs are sent to department leaders.

Tech stack

  • ElectronJS and Angular for the client application
  • ASP.NET Core backend
  • SQL Server and Oracle database
  • Real time communication using web sockets
  • Mobile app for IOS and Android using React Native
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI) with TAPI
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